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Valentine’s Day at Central Bark – Atlanta

For Valentine’s Day at Central Bark, we did some Valentine photos for the doggie day care kids, with all proceeds going to SAVE. So here are some of my favorites!


more rescues!

Here are some of the rescues who weren’t at the Valentine’s Day sessions. These guys go to a vet that’s local to me, so I head over there when I can and grab their photos.

rescue dogs!

I started working with a new rescue Southern Animal Volunteer Effort (SAVE)  recently. They are just starting out and asked if I’d be willing to help and it’s been so much fun. Such sweet dogs. A couple of puppies and a couple of older ones. Here are some of the rescues. So so cute. 🙂 These are from our Valentine’s Day Sessions at Central Bark in Atlanta. More of those to come!

thanksgiving in the mountains…yes, it’s january.

We got to spend Thanksgiving in the North Carolina mountains (and I WANT TO MOVE THERE) in 2016 (see? I can’t even say “this year” at this point). It was a perfect day – we were able to eat outside and it was great. I also had the opportunity to visit a waterfall or two so that was fun. I am enjoying the waterfall photography. I am just loving the mountains and the outdoors and the Western North Carolina area. Ah…the mountains.


rocket the cat

I did a digital painting of Rocket, my daughter-in-law’s parents’ cat. He is a rag doll and is absolutely stunning. I did this from iPhone photos that my daughter-in-law sent me. We surprised the parents pretty good! I was happy to do it – I think it turned out well. 🙂


2018. catch up. rethink.

Another new year. It’s here! One week in, already. I have been neglecting this blog, social media and my photography website for so long, but it always seems to end up like that, doesn’t it? This year, though, really seems to be the year where I either do something with all of the bits and pieces of all of the things I dabble in or move on to something else. To say I feel like I’m spinning my wheels is an understatement. My birthday is on January 3, so every year, while we are all in the middle of the new year’s resolutions and intentions and all of the other things – the restarts, rethinks, recommitments – all of it, I also tend to think about the fact that I’m not getting any younger (the more birthdays you have, the more real that gets) and time is wasting. I’ve hit a little bit of a milestone birthday (not telling which one) and I really do feel like I need to consider where I’m going and what I’m doing. In that process, where right now I HAVE NOTHING FIGURED OUT, I need to figure out in which direction I want my photography to go, what things are worth spending a lot of time on and which are not, what is IMPORTANT, how I can somehow serve others with what I have to work with. So….all of that to say, as a baby step, I am going to make a commitment to post on this blog once a week. It’s really for me, as an accountability thing. So, the good part is that I have plenty of stuff to post since I’ve been hoarding it all for months. 🙂

I’ll start us off with some waterfalls from October located in Transylvania County, North Carolina (I mean seriously, is that not the most fun?) where my son and his wife live. I did discover a new love of hiking during the taking of these photos, which is something I plan on continuing in 2018. Then next up will be even more North Carolina hiking/waterfall photos from Thanksgiving. I’m going to write a list of blog posts now. Who knows? Maybe one of these days someone will find this stuff useful! Sidenote: these photos were shot with the Fuji X100s which after 3 or 4 years, I am still trying to love…


now accepting digital painting commissions

I am now offering digital paintings by commission! Send me a clear, in focus photo in as high a resolution as possible, and I will create a digital painting from it! I craft these portraits using digital technology, but each stroke is done by hand with attention to each detail. The fee to create your painting is, for a limited time, $75, which includes a digital proof for your approval.

Here’s how it works: send a few photos to jeanette@jeanettesmithphoto.com and within approximately 2 weeks (subject to availability, season, etc.) I will send you a digital proof of your painting. Once you’ve approved the proof, you will choose your size and type of canvas. The painting will be printed then embellished with an acrylic topcoat to add texture and dimension to it. Once it is dry and cured (a few days), it will be sent to you.

Email me to order or check out my Etsy shop to order: Pugdesigns Etsy Shop

I am looking forward to making a beautiful piece of artwork for you or for you to give as a gift.

digital dodie

I’ve been working on getting better at digital painting, for now, on my own; although, I’d LOVE to take a course from Heather the Painter or Michelle Parsley. Maybe eventually but I would LOVE IT; they are such amazing digital artists. In the meantime, I’m practicing on my own and trying to get better with each painting. This one is of Dodie. For some reason, I’ve been hesitant about doing one of her, maybe because it’s sad looking at her for hours on end (I miss her so much) or maybe I’m afraid I wouldn’t do her justice. I decided, though, that it was time for her to have a digital painting now, though. Don’t get me wrong – there are plenty of photos and analog paintings of her around this house. But I wanted to do one with her using the style I’m working on now. So, all of that to say here is my digital painting of Dodie. I’m printing this and adding a top coat of acrylic medium which will let me give it a painted-like texture. 

…and I had forgotten…digital paintings

So it seems kind of wrong, somehow, to post about digital paintings after just writing a post about how much I love film photography. But here it is anyway. I do still want to explore this further, although, I’d really love to analog paint, too. I haven’t done a “real” painting in a long time (mind you, I am NOT good at it…but it’s fun). So for now, though, here are a few digital paintings I did a couple of months ago. Getting ready to start a new one of my Dodie.


I did some sort of trials with three cameras: Mamiya 645 AFD, Rolleiflex, and my trusty Nikon F100. I love the medium format negatives, but the Mamiya has something in the film insert that is scratching the film. Trying to figure it out, but nothing seems to fix it and they are not the easiest to find. The Rolleiflex is just fun and a whole other way of working because it’s crazy and awkward and not totally intuitive. And I think the majority of this film except for maybe the kids are all expired rolls. I know the medium format expired in, um, 2009. 🙂

Anyway, I think my favorites were the Tri-X in the Rolleiflex, although I did love the color on the kids. I’m definitely going to be doing more film photography. It’s the one thing that has made me feel energized creatively in a while. I love it.