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reluctant model

Since Dodie has been gone, Buddy has had to step up to the daunting task of modeling for me when A. I need to practice a new technique; B. I just feel like shooting something (someone) and there’s no alternative, and C. When I knit/sew/otherwise make a pug something or other and want to see what it looks like on a live pug. I get the feeling he’s not too excited about this. I don’t know. Just a feeling I have. For example:

1139 1145 1152 1176 1184 1188

new camera

I got a new camera and lens and I love them both. I took some test shots of Buddy (he was so excited, as you’ll see) and loved the results. I didn’t really NEED a new camera or a new lens, but definitely needed a backup, so I decided to upgrade while I was doing it. Now I just need to make something humiliating for Buddy to wear. I’m off to San Antonio to shoot engagement photos of my son and his lovely fiancee. Should be fun!

0028 0172 0235 0238 0251 0276 0284


I had a session with a Jack Russell Terrier named Lucy. Her brother, a Shih Tzu named Charlie has already been to my studio for a session, but Lucy is more of an outdoor girl. She loves to look for baby fish in the koi pond (which is amazing, by the way). So, here she is:

6853 6853 copy 6835 6816 6781 6775 6771 6718 6702 6634 6593 6556 6541 6536 6520

a couple more things

Soooooo…..I am a CERTIFIED Professional Photographer, according to the PPA! I took and passed the written exam and then submitted my portfolio and PASSED! I am so excited about this! I feel like it is an honor and going through the process has made me look at things entirely differently. I am relieved, excited and happy to have this designation!


ALSO, one more thing! My husband’s birthday was this week. He has always wanted a Stickley Morris Chair. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, of course the answer was “A Stickley Morris Chair.” So, since I really didn’t have $3000 to fork out for a chair, a good friend of mine said, “Make him one with popsicle sticks.” I thought that was a great idea. But when I went to Joann’s to buy them, I saw the balsa wood and got the bright idea to try to build a more realistic looking one. So, I did. It was a fun project, but one and done. :) Found fake leather vinyl stuff for the cushions and voila!

These are what the Stickley Morris chair can look like – there are so many variations!

4cf9f83db8abf57dcab88b22ced0f197 images Original L. & J. G. Stickley  Handcraft Morris Chair with Slats to the Floor-514 SlatsidedMorrisOrig

And my chair. Buddy for size reference:

6346 6357 6360


Although I haven’t been posting, I’ve been BUSY. I had a few projects going on and some good bike riding. (YAY SPRING!) The passing of Prince was pretty sad so I knitted a raspberry beret for Zoe (our houseguest for a few days) to wear. However, that did not turn out so well because she’s no Dodie (none of them are). She’s young and wild, but I did eventually get a couple of her. She’s a sweetheart though. Buddy ended up  having to wear it. Thrilled, he was. :) Here are a few:

6055 6141 6205 6272 6287


I recently got Corel Painter and would love to get better at digital painting. Here are two Buddy digital paintings. I like the beret one the best. I also included the original photo (for the second one) for comparison.




what’s going on

Wow. This year has been harsh. Yesterday Prince died. Glenn Frey, David Bowie, Merle Haggard, others. Too many – seems like more than usual. Some years are like that. But the biggest loss this year, for me, has been the loss of my beautiful little girl, Dodie. She was my muse, my sweetheart, my soulmate, my heart. I will miss her every day. People who have dogs get this. It’s a fact of life with dogs. Most likely, we will not outlive them. If you have a dog, love them and make them a big part of your life. You know they’re only here for a short time. Sleep sweet, my beautiful Dodie.

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easter puggy

I know, I know. But he’s so CUTE. These are available in my Etsy shop.

3917 3926 3932 3946

some test shots of Buddy and Munchkin

And news! I am preparing to start a very small photography business! (I know…I’m all over the place.) I am pretty excited though! I’d like to photograph mostly dogs and adults. Let’s face it, we have plenty of excellent photographers around here to do weddings, seniors, families, babies and maternity. Not that I would turn down a sweet baby, or especially a slightly older kid. They are a lot of fun (and sort of a lot like dogs). So, hopefully by April 1, I’ll have my website up, license acquired, and be legit. :) It’s going to be a fun journey! In the meantime, A little Buddy (and Munchkin!) love:

2553 2558 2560 2571 2583

rolleiflex 3.5

I figure this camera is about 65-ish years old. Looking online and trying to use the serial number to come up with an idea of what year it is, I can only narrow it down to 1950 +/-. Still. That’s pretty old. This thing is fun, though, if not hard for me to focus because I’m half blind. Great attribute for a photographer, isn’t it? :) Thank goodness for autofocus and the great advances they’ve made with that. But back in 1950, no such thing. I’ve found that for me, the key to using this camera is to use it in bright light so I can actually SEE  what I’m doing, sort of. Even in bright light, the focusing screen is not BRIGHT, and it probably doesn’t help that it’s got some moldy looking stuff on it. But it’s fun and a challenge. So, Buddy got to be a gnome and a bunny yesterday. SN: When my husband saw the negatives drying, he said, “Did you take photos of a rabbit?” HA! Got him.

And I love the square format. This is Ilford HP5+ @400  in D76.

15001 15002 15004 15006 15012

dodie’s 15!

She made it to 15! She had her birthday photo taken, had a cake and was queen for the day. OK, she’s queen everyday. But we happily celebrated her turning 15 on Wednesday (I’m a little late, I know).