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latest digital painting

Still working at learning Corel Painter. I love digital painting because I can work on it without getting stuff out each time and I can do a little here and a little there. I really love analog painting too, although I need a lot more practice (as I do with Corel Painter). But I do love practicing. This latest one is of Buddy. (Surprise! And I really should break out of the pug mold but they are SO CUTE.) Poor Buddy, whose loss of teeth is causing him to show more tongue than I’d like. I thought he looked pensive in a vacant kind of way in this shot, so I chose it to work on. I tried to slow down and get more detailed and I like the result pretty well, except for the floating appearance. I need to learn how to ground him so he doesn’t float. I tried to blend in the area where he meets the background, especially on his body, more, but I feel l like it wasn’t enough. Maybe I’ll revisit it. Anyway, before and after:

fun with Corel Painter

I spent one dreary winter-ish day (we haven’t really HAD winter in Georgia this year) this week painting in Corel Painter. This is an older photo of Ezra that was used. I followed along with Heather the Painter‘s KelbyOne class, which is totally worth it. I am hoping to get her DVDs eventually and I would LOVE to take Michelle Parsley’s Elevate Your Art Photoshop Artisan class too. I love learning!

new in the etsy shop for easter!

I just listed a really soft, fluffy bunny snood in the Etsy shop! This is sooo soft. I used Pipsqueak by Bernat which turned out really fluffy. Go check it out!

New stuff at the Etsy shop: snoods and pug prints!

I finally got some good time to sit down and finish some pug snoods since winter finally decided to come in March. 🙂 It’s been too nice this winter to stay indoors, so needless to say, a lot of things remained undone. (Mostly my housekeeping.) But today I got six new snoods listed and some prints. Yay! Feels good to have accomplished something!

Made something new!

So I got a ukulele. Here’s the thing: I’m not musical but I’ve always wanted to play guitar. I love guitar solos in songs, love acoustic guitar and love it when people can just sit around with a guitar and sing (not good at that either, but you get the point). My problem, besides not being musical naturally, is that I have small hands. So I was always afraid that I wouldn’t be able to play with tiny hands. Plus, who has time for this stuff? But I met a girl with a ukulele and I thought, “That’s it! Perfect – minimal investment and tiny!” So I bought one. And a tuner, book and picks. My particular uke is the super cheap one at Guitar Center, And I’m good with that. I figure, if I actually can play this thing, I can always upgrade, and if not, not such a big deal. So I am practicing every day and have a new appreciation for real guitarists. The only thing I was missing was a case for it. It didn’t come with one and I could buy one, but you know, why not figure out how to make one and just do that? So I did. I traced the ukulele on craft paper, making a pattern. I made it with cotton, interfacing (although not as rigid as it should’ve been) and fleece inside. I put a zipper pocket on to store the tuner and picks and a shoulder strap and handle. It was a fun project – I woke up several times during the night with design ideas for it. (It would be nice to have this much enthusiasm for every project I got myself into.) I chose the fabric because it looked like a ukulele to me and has almost the same colors as my new branding for my photography business. So here are a couple of cellphone shots of the completed project. I am pretty happy with it and it makes me smile, so that’s good! Now to go practice so I can shred this thing someday!

img_7411 img_7410 img_7409 img_7405

Puglanta Pugfest

So, Friday was a gorgeous day in Georgia. It got up to about 80 degrees and was just lovely. Perfect day for a bike ride. But then I crashed. Hurt my hands a little, but even though I hit my head – no concussion (WEAR A HELMET!). As I was going down, I thought “Oh no! Pugfest! I have to go go Pugfest!” I was mobile enough, and thankfully the husband went with to do all of the heavy lifting)  to go and have a booth at Puglanta Dog Rescue’s Pugfest this past weekend. And it was so worth it! This event was FULL of pugs! All kinds of pugs – tiny, young, old, fat, tall, short, black, fawn, white. So many sweet cutie pies! I could have taken them all home. Although that probably would not have gone over well with the husband. All of the snoods sold out (yay!) and we sold some ties and prints, too. It was a good day and we had so much fun seeing all of the pugs. The rescues were adorable, too. One of them stole a tiny bit of my heart, but I’m not sure I’m ready for another yet. I think Dodie will tell me when the time is right. People say it works that way. 🙂 Anyway, it was a beautiful (cold) day and I’m so glad I got to go! Looking forward to next year already. Here are a few shots that I took with the iPhone (whose screen I smashed the next day – it was a great week) or snagged off of Facebook:


Buddy hanging out under the table. Photo Megan Potterimg_6631

Photo: Megan Potterimg_6629

Lamb snood’s new owner. Isn’t she ADORABLE?img_6619

My wares:

Buddy in front of “his booth”:7640713d-2c9c-4cee-94ea-07da2d9033d3

Snood customer keeping warm: (unknown photo credit)

two dog sessions in the last week

Still working on getting everything going for my photography business, which means dog sessions! They are so much fun. Two pugs and a Weimaraner! The two pugs are familiar, because one of them is an Alabama Pug Rescue alum who I was lucky enough to do the home visit for about 10 years ago. It is so great to see him happy at home (where he’s been ever since). The Weimaraner is special, too, because he belongs to one of the sweetest people I’ve ever worked with. So it was great to catch up with her and meet her sweet pup! Here are a few photos from their sessions. Check out more info about scheduling a session at my photography site: jeanettesmithphoto.com.

3734 3820 37953279 7126 3455

long time no blog, part 2

So when it rains, it pours I guess, with me as a blogger. Probably because I’m always trying to multitask. The page is open, why not get two done at once? Anyway, thought I’d post some of the digital paintings I’ve been working on. I used to use smudge painting in Photoshop, but I got the full version of Corel Painter 2016 a while back and decided it was time to learn to use it. I enjoy it because it’s just kind of relaxing. Not sure if I’d offer these regularly but I do love giving them as gifts. I definitely need more practice – it’s not as easy as I thought it would be to get it to look like a painting but not like a mess. I’ve been printing these pretty small on canvas and stretching them, but I’d like to experiment with using some nice Epson Cold Press Bright that I got. Here are a few I’ve done in the last month or two:

bowenPRINT buddy cassie2_bak kimber_purple merci2 merle5_bak nikki ragsFInal

long time no blog

Because I’ve been “busy” I suppose… But no crying over spilled milk. I’ve been riding bikes, getting Jeanette Smith Photography started (finally!), spoiling these two pugs, working on making camera straps (it’s always something, getting ready to see a bunch of purses and working on digital painting. Not to mention, learning to crochet, because why not? I don’t have enough to do. 🙂

And I got a new toy.

Don’t judge my skills – I’m just learning. IMG_5909

reluctant model

Since Dodie has been gone, Buddy has had to step up to the daunting task of modeling for me when A. I need to practice a new technique; B. I just feel like shooting something (someone) and there’s no alternative, and C. When I knit/sew/otherwise make a pug something or other and want to see what it looks like on a live pug. I get the feeling he’s not too excited about this. I don’t know. Just a feeling I have. For example:

1139 1145 1152 1176 1184 1188