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This quilting thing…

So I said I would never do quilting. Because I guess when I was young, it was what old people did. I don’t know. I never knew anyone who quilted. No one in my family did that I know of. But then several people I ride bikes with quilt. And then Lea decided we should […]

new bicycle bags are headed to Atlanta Trek in Peachtree City and McDonough

The local Trek Store ordered 10 bags for their two stores. It was a little bit of a daunting task since I’ve been pretty leisurely creating these bags. I learned quite a few things making these in this quantity. One, they take a LOT of time. Two, I have to cut costs somewhere. Three, I […]

bicycle bags are here!

Just listed five bags on Etsy, so it begins! I’m pretty excited and hopeful for these things to do well. Might mean more work, but that’s just fine. They’re available here at my Etsy shop.