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I did some sort of trials with three cameras: Mamiya 645 AFD, Rolleiflex, and my trusty Nikon F100. I love the medium format negatives, but the Mamiya has something in the film insert that is scratching the film. Trying to figure it out, but nothing seems to fix it and they are not the easiest […]

long time no blog

Because I’ve been “busy” I suppose… But no crying over spilled milk. I’ve been riding bikes, getting Jeanette Smith Photography started (finally!), spoiling these two pugs, working on making camera straps (it’s always something, getting ready to see a bunch of purses and working on digital painting. Not to mention, learning to crochet, because why not? I […]

rolleiflex 3.5

I figure this camera is about 65-ish years old. Looking online and trying to use the serial number to come up with an idea of what year it is, I can only narrow it down to 1950 +/-. Still. That’s pretty old. This thing is fun, though, if not hard for me to focus because […]

Dodie lately.

My pug, my best friend of 14 1/2 years, will be 15 on Wednesday. I’ve been working on trying to document her life at this stage with my camera. I don’t want to forget anything and no one really knows how long we’ll have her. It’s so hard watching your beloved friend get so old, […]

from from the mamiya afd

My friend, Lea, has loaned me her Mamiya AFD. It’s a big, awesome camera. The only problem is that it has a line going across some of the negatives. So I looked at the film back, in particular the film insert, and found a metal piece that was slightly bent. I straightened it out and […]


Well, it’s been a month and a half (and then some) since I made a blog post? See, I know how I am. This is typical. But it’s not that nothing is going on. I’ve got too much going on – but not really. It’s all in my head. I’m the BEST at thinking up […]