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Well, it’s been a month and a half (and then some) since I made a blog post? See, I know how I am. This is typical. But it’s not that nothing is going on. I’ve got too much going on – but not really. It’s all in my head. I’m the BEST at thinking up all of these fantastic (sounding) ideas. But follow-though? Forget it. And all of the “I’ll do better” never seems to quite get there. So I won’t say I’ll do better. I’ll just do this post and say “well, I posted today.” That’s what it’s all about, really, isn’t it?

What’s been going on? I’ve decided – again – to jump back into photography. Yeah, yeah, I know. It’ll last a few months and it’ll be something else. We’ll see. I’ve got a great idea this time (of course) though! Actually, I went to the PPA’s Imaging USA this year and I really got inspired and got some idea juices flowing. It feels good. Now, I just have to put those ideas into action. That’s the hard part. Stay tuned…if I get it going, it’ll be posted here. Other things going on: I’ve decided to give the bike bags a break. The main problem with them is that I hate actually MAKING them. The designing and making the first few, getting it tweaked and finished, that part is fun for me. Making bag after bag after bag – not so much. I’m not saying I’ll give up on them totally. Who knows? I may decide to make more. Right now, though, not feeling it. I’m working on a watercolor painting that is not going the way I want it to…but we’ll see.

The main thing I have been doing is taking film pictures. Real beautiful Tri-X, not simulation. It’s so much fun to develop the film and see it. I’m still amazed every time a roll turns out. Funny that it never gets old or boring.

Some images…I’ll try to not overwhelm.

Ezra, from the last time I visited him. Simulated Tri-X:

_-5 _-7 _-9


Real Tri-X…see how lovely it is? I finally got my Nikon F100. A steal at $140 from KEH. They said it was sticky but it’s barely sticky. I am in LOVE with this camera._ 100003 100013 100018 100023


Medium Format with my friend Lea’s Mamiya AFD – T-Max. I don’t love it as much as Tri-X but I have to admit it’s creamier.
afd_buddyAnd lastly, I got my old Rolleiflex out. I did a little research on it and found out it is most likely from about 1950. It’s fun but so hard to focus. Especially for me and my bad eyes. Ironic, huh? Anyway, it was fun and I got a couple of keepers. By the way, all of this medium format film is about 5 years past expiration. It’s been fine. All film has been developed in D-76, then scanned. I added a little contrast to the TMax because I can’t stand non-contrasty film.

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