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2018. catch up. rethink.

Another new year. It’s here! One week in, already. I have been neglecting this blog, social media and my photography website for so long, but it always seems to end up like that, doesn’t it? This year, though, really seems to be the year where I either do something with all of the bits and pieces of all of the things I dabble in or move on to something else. To say I feel like I’m spinning my wheels is an understatement. My birthday is on January 3, so every year, while we are all in the middle of the new year’s resolutions and intentions and all of the other things – the restarts, rethinks, recommitments – all of it, I also tend to think about the fact that I’m not getting any younger (the more birthdays you have, the more real that gets) and time is wasting. I’ve hit a little bit of a milestone birthday (not telling which one) and I really do feel like I need to consider where I’m going and what I’m doing. In that process, where right now I HAVE NOTHING FIGURED OUT, I need to figure out in which direction I want my photography to go, what things are worth spending a lot of time on and which are not, what is IMPORTANT, how I can somehow serve others with what I have to work with. So….all of that to say, as a baby step, I am going to make a commitment to post on this blog once a week. It’s really for me, as an accountability thing. So, the good part is that I have plenty of stuff to post since I’ve been hoarding it all for months. 🙂

I’ll start us off with some waterfalls from October located in Transylvania County, North Carolina (I mean seriously, is that not the most fun?) where my son and his wife live. I did discover a new love of hiking during the taking of these photos, which is something I plan on continuing in 2018. Then next up will be even more North Carolina hiking/waterfall photos from Thanksgiving. I’m going to write a list of blog posts now. Who knows? Maybe one of these days someone will find this stuff useful! Sidenote: these photos were shot with the Fuji X100s which after 3 or 4 years, I am still trying to love…


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