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some photography : Fujifilm X100F

So I got a new camera! I upgraded from my Fujifilm X100S to the newer and much-improved X100F. I had a love/hate relationship with the X100S. It had a lot of good qualities but I just could not get to a point where I loved it. I loved the idea of it, but with practical […]

i knew it would happen

See? I start something and don’t keep up with it. I have plenty of excuses: traveling to see sweet kids, working on projects (can’t even use that as an excuse these days!), taking care of my aging pug(s) and riding my bike. All good things, but I still should make time to blog. Oh, I […]

Katy Trail: Sedalia to Clinton to Sedalia

We’d been planning this trip for a couple of months and it’s something Donnie has wanted to do for ten years or more. We would travel the length of the Katy Trail by bike, minus the section from St. Charles to Machens. We made reservations for B&Bs along the way, and  had our bikes outfitted for the […]