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some photography : Fujifilm X100F

So I got a new camera! I upgraded from my Fujifilm X100S to the newer and much-improved X100F. I had a love/hate relationship with the X100S. It had a lot of good qualities but I just could not get to a point where I loved it. I loved the idea of it, but with practical […]

thanksgiving in the mountains…yes, it’s january.

We got to spend Thanksgiving in the North Carolina mountains (and I WANT TO MOVE THERE) in 2016 (see? I can’t even say “this year” at this point). It was a perfect day – we were able to eat outside and it was great. I also had the opportunity to visit a waterfall or two […]

2018. catch up. rethink.

Another new year. It’s here! One week in, already. I have been neglecting this blog, social media and my photography website for so long, but it always seems to end up like that, doesn’t it? This year, though, really seems to be the year where I either do something with all of the bits and […]

i knew it would happen

See? I start something and don’t keep up with it. I have plenty of excuses: traveling to see sweet kids, working on projects (can’t even use that as an excuse these days!), taking care of my aging pug(s) and riding my bike. All good things, but I still should make time to blog. Oh, I […]

Katy Trail: McKittrick to St. Charles

Our last day on the Trail started off with a wonderful breakfast cooked by our B&B hostess and owner, Joey Los, at the neighboring Mercantile Building. Fresh fruit cup, omelet, biscuits, homemade jam, diced potatoes, juice and coffee. Wonderful. We sat with Joey and Rich and had our delicious breakfast and good conversation. Such nice […]

Katy Trail: Jefferson City to McKIttrick

Breakfast at Cliff Manor Inn was amazing. Tammy, the innkeeper, served us breakfast casseroles, fruit cup, a delicious carrot cake (!) muffin, apple juice and coffee. Perfect pre-ride fuel. We ran out of chain lube (another note to self: bring a FULL bottle next time) and our chains were bone dry after having had to wash […]

Katy Trail: Rocheport to Jefferson City

After a good breakfast at the Katy Trail Bed and Bikefest B&B (it’s self-serve there – well-stocked and many options available) we got packed up and ready to go. We really got to see the bluffs and rode very near the Missouri River so got some great views. The bluffs were really beautiful and so […]

Katy Trail: Sedalia to Rocheport

The sun greeted us as we prepared for day two of our Katy Trail experience, which was a welcome sight considering the forecast had been pretty grim. We started out by going to the Katy Depot before leaving Sedalia, which was really nice. Donnie got a sweet Katy Trail jersey at the shop there, and […]

Katy Trail: Sedalia to Clinton to Sedalia

We’d been planning this trip for a couple of months and it’s something Donnie has wanted to do for ten years or more. We would travel the length of the Katy Trail by bike, minus the section from St. Charles to Machens. We made reservations for B&Bs along the way, and  had our bikes outfitted for the […]

Trip Day Five: Keokuk to St. Louis

Our last morning in Keokuk, I decided to try and get some photos of JoeJoe and Katie, the cat. Both of them are so adorable and JoeJoe was a great model. He works well for treats. 🙂 I so enjoyed my time at Peggy’s house. It was so inviting and warm, and I felt a […]