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A little late…

Happy New Year! 2016 is here. More photos to take, more adventures to be had. Maybe more bags to make. I just realized I never posted the most recent (ahem…November) photos of my little Ezra. So since he’s a lot cuter than my writing, here you go.

Ezra at 19 Months

Ezra has grown up so much. I get to see him maybe once every two – three months or so and I’m always amazed at how much closer he gets to being a little boy as opposed to a baby. He is so much me and my kids. It’s the craziest thing. It’s like he’s […]

ezra at almost 18 months old

Hard to believe, but this little muse of mine is almost 18 months old. He is full of personality (I think that’s evident from the photos) and is smart, too. Of course, we all say that about the babies we love. If you ask him how old he is, he holds up one finger, and […]

some thoughts on digital film simulation and stuff

I’m still trying to figure out the whole digital simulation of the film shooting process. Not just the post-process with the Alien Skin Exposure 7 Tri-X preset, which I adore. I want to simulate the whole thing as much as possible  – the limitation of exposures, the way you have to think when you shoot […]

i knew it would happen

See? I start something and don’t keep up with it. I have plenty of excuses: traveling to see sweet kids, working on projects (can’t even use that as an excuse these days!), taking care of my aging pug(s) and riding my bike. All good things, but I still should make time to blog. Oh, I […]

more black and white: bowen

This is Donnie’s grandson, Bowen, and while he was here visiting, I got the camera out to get some photos of him. He was also a tricky one to get, but we got some cute ones, I think. He’s 2 1/2, so it’s a little bit different trying to get his photo compared to Ezra; although, […]

black and white tri-x simulation: ezra

I got a chance to get some Ezra pictures recently. He’s at the perfect age in terms of cuteness, but it was hard work chasing him. It’s good for me, though, and it was good practice. He’s just got the best hair right now. I’m sure it’ll change soon enough, but for now, it’s adorable. […]

photos around the house – tri-x simulation

I love film. I don’t love the cost and inconvenience though, and the fact that no one local carries the film I like (unless I go up to Atlanta to Showcase but that’s a whole afternoon of sitting in the car in Atlanta traffic). Despite the inconveniences, I do still use film, and I do still […]