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…and I had forgotten…digital paintings

So it seems kind of wrong, somehow, to post about digital paintings after just writing a post about how much I love film photography. But here it is anyway. I do still want to explore this further, although, I’d really love to analog paint, too. I haven’t done a “real” painting in a long time […]

latest digital painting

Still working at learning Corel Painter. I love digital painting because I can work on it without getting stuff out each time and I can do a little here and a little there. I really love analog painting too, although I need a lot more practice (as I do with Corel Painter). But I do […]

fun with Corel Painter

I spent one dreary winter-ish day (we haven’t really HAD winter in Georgia this year) this week painting in Corel Painter. This is an older photo of Ezra that was used. I followed along with Heather the Painter‘s KelbyOne class, which is totally worth it. I am hoping to get her DVDs eventually and I […]

long time no blog, part 2

So when it rains, it pours I guess, with me as a blogger. Probably because I’m always trying to multitask. The page is open, why not get two done at once? Anyway, thought I’d post some of the digital paintings I’ve been working on. I used to use smudge painting in Photoshop, but I got […]