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new bicycle bags are headed to Atlanta Trek in Peachtree City and McDonough

The local Trek Store ordered 10 bags for their two stores. It was a little bit of a daunting task since I’ve been pretty leisurely creating these bags. I learned quite a few things making these in this quantity. One, they take a LOT of time. Two, I have to cut costs somewhere. Three, I […]

bicycle bags are here!

Just listed five bags on Etsy, so it begins! I’m pretty excited and hopeful for these things to do well. Might mean more work, but that’s just fine. They’re available here at my Etsy shop.

seat bags!

I’ve been working on these seat bags, seat packs, saddle bags – whatever the proper term is – for months, trying to get the pattern to WORK, trying to make it easier to produce consistent results. This week, I finally took the time to really study what I was doing with the pattern and how […]

some thoughts on digital film simulation and stuff

I’m still trying to figure out the whole digital simulation of the film shooting process. Not just the post-process with the Alien Skin Exposure 7 Tri-X preset, which I adore. I want to simulate the whole thing as much as possible  – the limitation of exposures, the way you have to think when you shoot […]

cannondale is done!

The Cannondale R500 Feminine Triple is finished! Although I’ve changed the saddle and the shifter position slightly, this is pretty much how she looks! I had to find new (old) Tiagra shifters, which I did find on the Facebook page, Online Swap Meet for $55; new Deda Elementi Piega handlebars for $40 (including shipping); new […]

i knew it would happen

See? I start something and don’t keep up with it. I have plenty of excuses: traveling to see sweet kids, working on projects (can’t even use that as an excuse these days!), taking care of my aging pug(s) and riding my bike. All good things, but I still should make time to blog. Oh, I […]

photos around the house – tri-x simulation

I love film. I don’t love the cost and inconvenience though, and the fact that no one local carries the film I like (unless I go up to Atlanta to Showcase but that’s a whole afternoon of sitting in the car in Atlanta traffic). Despite the inconveniences, I do still use film, and I do still […]