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Monthly Archives: May 2015

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Iowa trip

Our trip to Iowa was awesome! We stayed with my second cousin (my dad’s cousin) Peggy and her pug, JoeJoe. It was so great to connect with her. I felt a real sense of connection and belonging at her home, like family. Something I’ve missed for a while. So it was really a warm, sweet […]

Almost vacation.

We are getting ready to leave on our Iowa/Missouri trip tomorrow morning. I am worn out with running around and getting everything together. It’ll be good to get on the road. We’ve done all we can to prepare the bikes, plan, and pack efficiently. It’s been a learning experience, getting supplies and packing for a […]

Things I have going on.

Since I am redoing this blog AGAIN, I thought I’d post about what I’m up to these days. So it’s not so overwhelming and stuff trying to decide what to post about. First off, we are planning a trip to Iowa and Missouri. We are going to the Snake Alley Criterium on Saturday, May 23. I’m […]

Ezra. One year, one month old.

This is my little g-baby, Ezra. He’s the spitting image of his mother at this age and the sweetest kid. He’ll hug and kiss you (and then smack you). LOVE HIM. I’ve been getting photos of him since he was born, but these are some of my favorites, ever.

Hello. Again.

New blog. New stuff. I have been so so bad about blogging. I think “who cares anyway?” but if I’ve decided to do it, I should do it. Anyway, I am so all over the place that it’ll be good to have a place to work it out. So, join me on the journey to […]