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Monthly Archives: May 2016

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new camera

I got a new camera and lens and I love them both. I took some test shots of Buddy (he was so excited, as you’ll see) and loved the results. I didn’t really NEED a new camera or a new lens, but definitely needed a backup, so I decided to upgrade while I was doing it. […]


I had a session with a Jack Russell Terrier named Lucy. Her brother, a Shih Tzu named Charlie has already been to my studio for a session, but Lucy is more of an outdoor girl. She loves to look for baby fish in the koi pond (which is amazing, by the way). So, here she […]

a couple more things

Soooooo…..I am a CERTIFIED Professional Photographer, according to the PPA! I took and passed the written exam and then submitted my portfolio and PASSED! I am so excited about this! I feel like it is an honor and going through the process has made me look at things entirely differently. I am relieved, excited and […]


Although I haven’t been posting, I’ve been BUSY. I had a few projects going on and some good bike riding. (YAY SPRING!) The passing of Prince was pretty sad so I knitted a raspberry beret for Zoe (our houseguest for a few days) to wear. However, that did not turn out so well because she’s no […]