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Monthly Archives: September 2017

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digital dodie

I’ve been working on getting better at digital painting, for now, on my own; although, I’d LOVE to take a course from Heather the Painter or Michelle Parsley. Maybe eventually but I would LOVE IT; they are such amazing digital artists. In the meantime, I’m practicing on my own and trying to get better with […]

…and I had forgotten…digital paintings

So it seems kind of wrong, somehow, to post about digital paintings after just writing a post about how much I love film photography. But here it is anyway. I do still want to explore this further, although, I’d really love to analog paint, too. I haven’t done a “real” painting in a long time […]


I did some sort of trials with three cameras: Mamiya 645 AFD, Rolleiflex, and my trusty Nikon F100. I love the medium format negatives, but the Mamiya has something in the film insert that is scratching the film. Trying to figure it out, but nothing seems to fix it and they are not the easiest […]