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New Year, New Things

So it’s 2019. Already. Next thing you know, it’ll be 2020. Doesn’t 2020 have kind of a science fiction feel to it? Or is it just me, being a child of the 1970s? Anyway, it’s only been 7-8 months since I’ve posted. New things are coming this year, though, and this will be my main outlet for them. Since my last post, I’ve started working at Atlanta Trek in Peachtree City and let me tell you, I love working in a bike shop. Which I’m told, you have to, because you won’t get rich doing it. But getting rich isn’t on my agenda, so I think we’re good. And new for 2019, I’m out of the photography business, per se; however, I’ll still be doing photography. Freelance commercial jobs are definitely a possibility, and family stuff, travel stuff, bike stuff. All the stuff I love. Also, I’ve been quilting. I really said I’d never get into it, but it’s too late now. It’s done. I’m hooked. Thanks to my friend, Lea, I am in to the point of dreaming about new sewing machines and I already have a giant (to me) collection of gadgets. Rulers, Aurifil thread, patterns, guides, sprays, cutters, seam rippers, and it goes on. I love it though. Here’s what I love. I love that it is forgiving. In knitting, if I messed up, more times than not, I was just done. But in quilting, things can look pretty bad, but once you get it put together and quilted, get the binding on, it all of a sudden looks pretty good. It’s like having a baby. You forget the pain once you see the precious little angel there all cute and stuff. So, yes, there will be quilting this year. If all goes well, I will be posting cycling adventures, and RAGBRAI is at the top of the list again! This year, my husband has agreed to come along, so it should be fun! Expect to see all the stuff from RAGBRAI! All of this to say that I’ve got stuff in the works. If I remember to post, it should be fairly interesting to those of you who are fans of cycling, quilting and the occasional travel or whatever photography. Here’s to 2019! Let’s make it great.

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