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This quilting thing…

So I said I would never do quilting. Because I guess when I was young, it was what old people did. I don’t know. I never knew anyone who quilted. No one in my family did that I know of. But then several people I ride bikes with quilt. And then Lea decided we should quilt. I started basically because she wanted to do it and I was sort of helping her. Then I made a tiny pug-sized quilt as a practice for one I wanted to make for Keke. And I liked it. Then I made Keke’s quilt and liked that. Fast forward to now and I’m a little obsessed possibly. It’s weird. Never saw it coming. I have too many hobbies as it is. But there’s something really satisfying about making a quilt, and making it out of little pieces of fabric. I also like that you can make mistakes and it still works, and you just forget they’re there. It’s good for people like me who tend to be self-critical a lot. I give myself some grace and room to make mistakes with quilting, unlike most things I do. I like it. I’m on the hunt for a new sewing machine now, something bigger and more able to do the quilting, which I enjoy. My Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118 has been awesome, but there is not a proprietary walking foot for it, and the (kind of) junky one I got is not cutting it and the harp/throat space is small. So I’m looking at the Juki TL2010Q (like everyone else) but I’m also looking at the Brother PQ1500SL which is similar, and can be gotten for a little more than half of the Juki. Either way, one of those are on my radar. I’ve done way too much online research and now I just need to wait for the right time. So, until then, my Husky and I will get things done the best we can. Anyway, here are some (bad) photos of my progress so far. I really need to get some good pictures of these things.

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