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So the great thing about a blog, and specifically a blog that is for the most part unread, is that if I don’t post for 6 months, no one cares. I can basically write whatever I want, although you will never find anything political here, because just no. But I do like to share about […]

New Year, New Things

So it’s 2019. Already. Next thing you know, it’ll be 2020. Doesn’t 2020 have kind of a science fiction feel to it? Or is it just me, being a child of the 1970s? Anyway, it’s only been 7-8 months since I’ve posted. New things are coming this year, though, and this will be my main […]

seat bags!

I’ve been working on these seat bags, seat packs, saddle bags – whatever the proper term is – for months, trying to get the pattern to WORK, trying to make it easier to produce consistent results. This week, I finally took the time to really study what I was doing with the pattern and how […]

Katy Trail: Rocheport to Jefferson City

After a good breakfast at the Katy Trail Bed and Bikefest B&B (it’s self-serve there – well-stocked and many options available) we got packed up and ready to go. We really got to see the bluffs and rode very near the Missouri River so got some great views. The bluffs were really beautiful and so […]

Trip Day Three: Snake Alley Criterium in Burlington, Iowa

After spending the morning in West Burlington, we headed to Snake Alley in downtown Burlington for the Snake Alley Criterium, which was so much fun. We had visited Bickel’s Bicycles in West Burlington (mentioned in this post and which, btw, if you ever are in the area – go see them! Their shop is huge and […]

Things I have going on.

Since I am redoing this blog AGAIN, I thought I’d post about what I’m up to these days. So it’s not so overwhelming and stuff trying to decide what to post about. First off, we are planning a trip to Iowa and Missouri. We are going to the Snake Alley Criterium on Saturday, May 23. I’m […]