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So the great thing about a blog, and specifically a blog that is for the most part unread, is that if I don’t post for 6 months, no one cares. I can basically write whatever I want, although you will never find anything political here, because just no. But I do like to share about things I make, or pug thoughts, or whatnot. So it’s a win-win, really.

It’s been two months since we lost our Buddy pug, and that means there are no pugs in the house. I am feeling a huge void where the pugs used to be. We are going to start the process/conversation of adding a new pug after we get back from RAGBRAI. I feel like only a part of myself without them. I went back through my IG posts and up until April, Buddy was pretty much 90% of the posts. I just miss him so much. Nothing is the same.

RAGBRAI is what? Six weeks away? Oh wait, 5 weeks and one day until we leave. I haven’t really prepared at all. I should be ultra-excited and I am, but I guess it still seems far off. One of our riders can’t make it because of an injury so that’s been a disappointment. But I know it will be great and I am excited to visit Burlington for an overnight. So yay!

Quilting is taking over around here! I have really grown to love it, even though I said I would not take it up. But two sewing machines, two work tables, ALL THE RULERS (may have a slight addiction) and all the fabric have taken over my office. I really shouldn’t call this an office anyway. Studio? Sounds pretentious. Work room? It’s not really work. Fun room? Hmmmm.

Cycling has not been what I wanted it to be as far as mileage. It’s different working at the bike shop. I guess it’s like photography was – it was awesome until it was a job. LOL. Anyway, I am grateful for my job but it has made it more difficult to ride when I want. But I did get in 55 miles yesterday between riding the e-bike to work (it’s not 100% cheating) and coming home to a plea from my husband to ride with him. And the thing is, a “nice relaxed spin” with him is a suffer-a-rama for me. So 31 miles later, I was absolute toast with fiery feet. I have to do something about that before RAGBRAI.

I have gotten to visit all of the kids in the last month or two which dramatically cuts down on the riding time, but totally worth it. The NE kids were great. Ez is growing up to be a sweet, polite, and quirky guy, just like I hoped he would. Gabe is a rough-and-tumble 2 year old who is on full speed all the time. Got to see Dono play baseball and he had an RBI or two and scored. He’s a funny one and I love his quirkiness. Definitely an marches to his own drum, which I love. Bowen continues to race BMX and loves bikes. We found an old beater 24″ MTB that we are fixing up for him. Can’t wait to take him on the trails. And Keke my sweet is so amazing! She’ll be 1 in less than two weeks and she is absolutely just a joy to be around. I am pretty blessed now that I stop and think about it.

Maybe if I posted more I would have less words and more pictures. 🙂

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